Feather 1 & Feather 2

In search of a painting subject the other day, I decided to give feathers a whirl.

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Apr07--IMG_9922

© Jana R. Johnson

Feather 1
4×8 inches
$60 framed + $15 shipping and handling

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© Jana R. Johnson 2015Apr09--IMG_1001

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Apr09--IMG_1007

© Jana R. Johnson

Feather 2
5×7 inches
$60 framed + $15 shipping and handling


Speaking of feathers, in May I will be the featured artist at Art In The Valley Gallery, and I think I’ve decided to show my bird and fish paintings. How does the title “Fins and Feathers” sound? Well, it’s in writing now, so I guess I better start framing!



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