“Vizsla Mix” Contemporary Dog Painting


Vizsla Mix
Watercolor on hot press paper
5 x 7 inches unframed
$75  + $8 shipping and handling

Contact me to purchase.

Happy New Year! After a several month hiatus, I’m back!! Lots has happened since I last posted – we went on a fabulous road trip to Santa Fe, taking a week to get there, spending 3 nights at an Air B & B, then taking another week to drive home. On the way home, while hiking in Canyonlands National Park, I tripped and broke my right arm. That slowed things down tremendously, and I’m just now finally free of casts and splints. Yay! Today, I’m happy to share one of my latest paintings – Vizla Mix, a portrait of a friend’s dog I started back in October – before our Road Trip adventure. Below are the work-in-progress photos of this fun watercolor.


Here’s the preliminary drawing — I decided to keep a lot of the gestural pencil sketch this time, choosing not to erase much – I personally enjoy seeing other artist’s rough sketches, so decided to leave mine.



Back from our Road Trip, and out of the first full arm splint, I decided to try and see if I could paint, knowing I wanted to keep things loose.




After several weeks in a cast that was ridiculously tight, I finally graduated into an adjustable splint. More mobility = more desire to paint!



Now free of splints and casts, I’m ready for 2017, ready to paint, ready to share positive energy, and the beauty of this world. Wishing you all a love filled, joyous year, wherever you are!

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