“Feather 6” Contemporary Still Life watercolor painting

It was time to paint another feather — number 6 of my blue-tape-feather-series (you can see posts about my first feathers here, and #4 here). It’s a fun series to work on, and I enjoy pulling out feathers I’ve collected over the years to choose the next “model”. Since they’re very portable, I often start them while I work at Art In The Valley Gallery during lulls between customers. I only had time to draw in my feather this past week including the shadows before I left, taking a photo since I wasn’t able to start painting yet and I knew once I was home, the shadows wouldn’t be the same.

©JanaRJohnson-janajohnsonartwork.com/blog-2016May17--2016-05-17 13.29.36

Yep, the shadows are very different now! It was a gorgeous day, so I worked on the picnic table in the back yard.

©JanaRJohnson-janajohnsonartwork.com/blog-2016May17--2016-05-17 15.04.53

©JanaRJohnson-janajohnsonartwork.com/blog-2016May17--2016-05-17 15.05.21

First layer of watercolor. I was working pretty light wanting to preserve the look of the fluffy down feathers above the tape.

©JanaRJohnson-janajohnsonartwork.com/blog-2016May17--2016-05-17 15.32.44

The nice thing about working outside was how quick the paint dried, so I was able to pause, take a photo, erase some of the pencil if it was dry, then paint some more.

©JanaRJohnson-janajohnsonartwork.com/blog-2016May17--2016-05-17 15.45.21

©JanaRJohnson-janajohnsonartwork.com/blog-2016May17--2016-05-17 16.52.43

©JanaRJohnson-janajohnsonartwork.com/blog-2016May17--2016-05-17 17.21.33

©JanaRJohnson-janajohnsonartwork.com/blog-2016May17--2016-05-17 17.44.43

The finished painting “Feather 6”.


Feather 6
watercolor on 140 lb. watercolor paper
5 x 7 inches
$60 unframed + $8 shipping and handling

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