An artist needs to stay warm in the winter…

This past week we loaded up on some firewood, and today rented a log splitter to chop it all up. Below are the logs before we started.

© Jana R. Johnson -

The firewood shed needed a bit of organizing – so we shifted last year’s wood to the side to prepare for this new batch. Brad doesn’t like to move firewood twice, so he grumbled a bit but then was able to chat on the phone while I finished up. I was cold yesterday evening, and moving firewood helped warm me up. As they say, firewood warms you in many ways!

© Jana R. Johnson -

Some of those rounds were very large! You can get a lot of pieces from just one (counted up to 27 out of one – and it wasn’t even the largest!)

© Jana R. Johnson -

We’re a good team – while Brad wrestles the logs into place, I run the splitter. We both wear headphones with music to cover the noise, so we use hand signals to show when Brad’s ready for me to lower the wedge. I don’t want to lop off his thumbs…!

© Jana R. Johnson -

© Jana R. Johnson -

© Jana R. Johnson -

This is the wedge control – it moves pretty slow – luckily, which takes a bit of patience each time, but there’s a zen quality about it too.

© Jana R. Johnson -

After we’ve split a pile, we take a break and start stacking. As you can see from the photo at the top, the shed is filling up! (Can you see me in the photo below?!)

© Jana R. Johnson -

Looking forward to warm wood stove heat this winter—a very useful studio tool!


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