When working at the Oregon Country Fair sign shop, there is an order booklet listing signs which need to be made, and during this past weekend when we were there, a request was made for two circular signs with the word “bubble” placed twice on the front along with an arrow. Of course I thought the actual sign needed to look like a bubble and went to work to try and make that happen.

© Jana R. Johnson 2014Jun14--P6140012

I’m wearing a paint shirt of my husbands, having forgotten to bring my own. I was lucky he’d brought two and was willing to share!

© Jana R. Johnson 2014Jun15--P6150039

© Jana R. Johnson 2014Jun15--P6150040

Finished with the background on the two signs, I was ready to pass them on to the lettering expert (Brad) but the more we discussed them, the more brave I became to attempt my own lettering – and maybe do a sign without him!

© Jana R. Johnson 2014Jun15--P6150042

You can see the faint sketched in letters which I did using a white Stabilo pencil . It’s a grease pencil that writes on almost everything and washes off with water — great for drawing on acrylic paint, glass, boards and other surfaces.

© Jana R. Johnson 2014Jun15--P6150070

Trying to keep the brushy, feathery look  of the background going, I did the arrows with that same soft feel – they’re barely visible I know, but I’m hoping they’ll work. Brad did help with the layout of the thin accent lines, marking them with a blue Stabilo pencil so I’d know where to paint the lines…I’ve been known to ruin letters by mixing up the shadows or highlights!

© Jana R. Johnson 2014Jun15--P6150083

© Jana R. Johnson 2014Jun15--P6150086

Subtle, with small letters, but I’m hoping the shape and paint effects will speak for themselves!


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