Instagram and Hiking in Oregon

Not sure you’re aware, but I’ve been posting works in progress and other photos on Instagram lately, and if you’d like to see these you can view those images by clicking this link.

I also have an artist Facebook page that has information about upcoming shows and more photos of paintings and other artsy excitement! 

Speaking of artsy excitement, one of the ways I love to recharge and collect photos for future paintings is by getting outside. This past weekend, we went hiking on the edge of town and found so many wild flowers blooming. It’s truly spring! 

© 13.19.52

The forest was carpeted with Claytonia sibirica — Siberian Miner’s Lettuce — or Candy Flower, (which I looked up after we were home.) Wish I’d known it was edible when we were there, I’d love to  have tried some!

© 13.43.00

The blue wild delphinium glows in the forest.

© 13.55.34

Oh, hello! I was testing a new camera app on the cell phone our daughter recently gave us – yes, it can shoot selfies…All the photos on this post were shot with that cell phone. 

© 13.56.56

© 14.08.41

© 14.24.36

So many iris!

© 14.26.17

© 14.35.15

© 14.38.50

The end of the trail… and a discarded bouquet. I encourage you to get out there and find some cool natural discoveries of your own, whether it’s a walk around the block, or a trek in the woods! 

© 15.02.14





  1. Hi Jana – I just love these photos, and your pastel art is fabulous! What sort of cell phone and app do you use for these? Also, do you add in your copyright after or does the app do it for you automatically? Thanks for the inspiring images! Leanne.

    1. Hi Leanne,
      Thank you for the nice comments!
      I use a Samsung cell phone my daughter gave us, and downloaded a camera app called “A Better Camera” because it has some DSLR features (like white balance adjustments, iso etc.) I also downloaded the app “Add Watermark”. When I post photos from my DSLR I use Adobe Lightroom for organizing and editing and it also has a watermark feature. Hope this helps!

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