Framing Time

One of my least favorite things to do is framing, which is why I like painting on gallery wrapped canvas. I can continue my image over the edges of the canvas, or paint the edges black and totally avoid needing to purchase framing supplies. So the question is, why, oh why did I decide to frame almost 25 paintings last week? It truly was not a highlight of my month, but I’m happy to report I managed to get through those days of framing with only one small injury. I put together a system, not unlike a factory worker with everything laid out and organized to make it as painless as possible.

© Jana R. Johnson

Our dining room became framing central for a few days. I covered the table with plastic so I could just spray the glass cleaner right there and keep my framing flow going in that one room. It was helpful that our wood stove was cozy in there too since it was a chilly week outside.

© Jana R. Johnson

I discovered our glass cleaner was an “all purpose” cleaner, and seemed to smear more than shine the glass, so I used rubbing alcohol instead. A nice benefit was it evaporated quick from the newsprint I was washing with, so it didn’t fall apart as fast.

© Jana R. Johnson

Once I was through washing the glass, I set it aside on the table and start putting the paintings and frames together.

© Jana R. Johnson

I used a random assortment of frames – most with mats already cut, but many of my paintings weren’t the correct size so some new mats needed to be cut, or altered to work.

© Jana R. Johnson

I then attached wire to the backs out in my husband’s sign shop. This braided wire is awful to work with and I have a giant reel of it which will probably last forever… It frays at the ends and loves to stab fingers. I used my leather gloves to protect my hands while using it, and was so glad to have avoided any blood, but then while wiring one of my last paintings I foolishly decided to be lazy and left my gloves inside. That’s all it took, one unprotected moment, and sure enough that wire bit me hard! Ouch! I immediately went inside for my gloves…

To answer the question, why I framed so many paintings recently? I’m happy to announce during the month of May, I’m the featured artist at Art In The Valley Gallery, downtown Corvallis. The show went up yesterday, and will be available for viewing until May 30th.

. © Jana R. Johnson

There will be an art reception on May 21st, 4:00-8:00 during the Corvallis Arts Walk. I hope to see some of you there!



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