Window On Art – Day 2

Window On Art is still happening through the end of April, but the two days I spent in the Footwise window are over for me. It was a fun experience and I enjoyed having this chance to work “on stage” (or was that “in a cage”?) downtown Corvallis. I made a lot of progress on my piece, but it’s not finished yet. I’m hoping to finish it up in the next couple of weeks, but meanwhile, here are a few more photos from my second day, including a small watercolor I finished today of the same geranium.

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Apr16--IMG_1077

I was having issues with this particular petal… the perspective was off, lighting wrong, or something just was bugging me about it…

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Apr16--IMG_1081

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Apr16--IMG_1082

Time to ignore the petal that might or might not be bugging me now and go to work on the leaves. Usually when I’m working on a large painting I can step back, examine it from a distance, walk away for a while, take a long break and work on something else and then return to see if what was bugging me is or isn’t any more, but as you can see, my working space was pretty cramped, though I did turn the painting occasionally to study it from the other end of the window.

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Apr16--IMG_1084

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Apr16--IMG_1089

Here it is now – maybe 2/3rds finished?

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Apr16--IMG_1092

During my first day in the window while waiting for my watercolor background to dry I started several small watercolors on Yupo paper – one of which was the same geranium I’d been painting. Here is the finished small watercolor of that flower.

© Jana R. Johnson

Sunstar Red
watercolor on Yupo paper




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