Another Poppy and a Crow

This past week I worked on another poppy – this time on watercolor paper from a watercolor block. It’s 6×6 inches, and the block was adhered just along 2 sides, rather than along all 4 sides. After painting the watercolor background, I removed the paper from the block and went to work on it with pastel. Here’s a bit of the step-by-step:

First I drew out the poppy in a lighter colored pastel pencil.

© Jana R. Johnson

Then I painted on soft pastel and once I was through with the first layer, I gave it several sprays with my diluted PVA size. This made the paper buckle, but once dry, it was flat enough to work on some more.

© Jana R. Johnson

Below shows a few more layers of pastel and spray sessions, letting it dry after each. At one point I sprayed clean water on the back to make the paper lay flat.

© Jana R. Johnson

I was working from photos I’d taken using my computer to display the images. I used to make prints of my photos to work from but years ago figured out by leaving the images on the computer it showed the true colors much better than an inkjet print. I can also crop and zoom in when necessary.

© Jana R. Johnson

© Jana R. Johnson - 2015Jan30--IMG_8909

Poppy on Green and Orange
6×6 inches pastel and watercolor on paper
$80 + $10 shipping and handling

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Besides poppies, I also love crows. They’re intelligent, abundant, beautiful, but can also be annoying, and noisy. They intrigue me, and when I hear them making a ruckus outside, I wander out with my camera to see how many photos I can collect to add to the hundreds I already have.

Here’s my latest crow painting – it’s pastel on Aquabord with a watercolor background.

© Jana R. Johnson - 2015Jan30--IMG_8894-Edit

Contemplative Crow
6×6 inches pastel and watercolor on Aquabord
$80 + $10 shipping and handling


Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about these paintings. Oh, by the way, Happy February!


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