Black Eyed Susans

One of my favorite flowers is the cheery, token of summer, Black Eyed Susan. They’re hardy, sunny and bright – perfect reminders of things to come as we push our way though the middle of winter.

© Jana R. Johnson 2011Sep10--IMG_0377

Black Eyed Susans
4×12 inch gallery wrapped canvas
$125 + $10 shipping and handling

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This piece measures 4 x 12 inches and is on canvas. The 1 1/2 inch gallery wrapped edges are also painted and it’s been sealed with PVA Size and a UV Acrylic spray varnish. It was painted during a plein air event while I was sitting in the blazing hot sunshine in a local park downtown.

Here’s what the edges of this painting look like:

© Jana R. Johnson 2011Sep10--IMG_0382

© Jana R. Johnson 2011Sep10--IMG_0381

© Jana R. Johnson 2011Sep10--IMG_0380

I hope these images help bring a little warmth to your January!


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