Sign Painting Summer Camp

This past weekend, we enjoyed a chance to do some pre-fair work/play at the Oregon Country Fair site west of Eugene, helping out in the sign shop. We’ve worked there in the past a couple of times and it’s always a lot of fun. There are so many behind-the-scene jobs that hundreds of people work on to make the fair the event that it is, and when you work pre-fair, all meals are provided by the Kitchen Crew. Because of this perk, it’s like going to summer camp! Here are some photos of the background to a sign I worked on.

© Jana R. Johnson 2014Jun14--P6140004

I was spattering acrylic paints onto the board with a brush, then flicking water onto the paint to soften some of the splatters. Next time I’m going to bring my spray bottle.

© Jana R. Johnson 2014Jun14--P6140008

 © Jana R. Johnson 2014Jun14--P6140009

Above, the board has a smaller dark border – but my sign guy wanted a larger border, so below is what we ended up with.

© Jana R. Johnson 2014Jun14--P6140015

© Jana R. Johnson 2014Jun14--P6140020

Once I was finished with the background, Brad went to work on the lettering.

© Jana R. Johnson 2014Jun15--P6150044

Our youngest daughter came out Sunday to work / play and helped celebrate Father’s Day. What better way to have fun with your Dad than participate in his line of work!

© Jana R. Johnson 2014Jun15--P6150076

I realized after uploading the photos from this weekend we never took a photo of this sign all finished. I guess we’ll have to hunt it down when we return in a couple of weeks!


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