Painting Poppies with Pastel on Canvas

Poppy © Jana R. Johnson  2014May10--IMG_4833

Last Tuesday, they opened – of course it was a day I was working away from home, so I had to wait to start painting them until the next day. I managed to squeeze in an hour that day, and started two paintings. Then after another two day delay, I was able to spend a lot more time painting – yay! Below are the two I started last Wednesday. First I sketched the poppy on my prepared canvas.

Poppy © Jana R. Johnson  2014May07--IMG_4777

I had painted several canvases ahead of time with watercolor so once the poppies opened I’d be all set to start painting with pastel.

Poppy © Jana R. Johnson 2014May07--IMG_4782

The first layer of pastel and a close-up below:

Poppy © Jana R. Johnson  2014May07--IMG_4784

This was the second canvas I started painting that day. I knew I had to work quick if I wanted to paint a lot in the moments I had available that week.

Poppy © Jana R. Johnson  2014May07--IMG_4785

These are works-in-progress. The first poppy painting is 4×12 inches, and this poppy is 7×5 inches. I’ve since started and maybe finished two 12×12 inch canvases and a 14×17 inch canvas. More photos to come!


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