More Poppy Pastel Paintings

© Jana R. Johnson 2014May10--IMG_4858

On Saturday, the sun appeared, adding delightful shadows and wonderful light effects to the texture of the poppies. Of course that also added to the challenge of capturing the color before too much time had passed and everything had changed! Here’s a few photos of this particular poppy and my pastel painting on the watercolored canvas.

© Jana R. Johnson 2014May10--IMG_4860

© Jana R. Johnson 2014May10--IMG_4861

© Jana R. Johnson

© Jana R. Johnson

© Jana R. Johnson

© Jana R. Johnson 2014May10--IMG_4853

Right now, this is my favorite of the eight I’ve been working on this week. Once I finish the last two, we’ll see if continues to hold that position!


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