“Vacancy” – in progress

©JanaRJohnson-janajohnsonartwork.com/blog-2016Apr07--2016-04-07 16.10.06

“Vacancy” was painted in my backyard under a maple tree on a rare, warm April day. I love bringing my studio outside, and it’s one of the reasons I enjoy plein air painting. True, there are often issues that aren’t found in an indoor studio – like bugs, noise, blistering hot or icy cold temperatures – but I’ve learned how to avoid most of those unfavorable conditions most of the time.

©JanaRJohnson-janajohnsonartwork.com/blog-2016Apr07--2016-04-07 16.34.54

©JanaRJohnson-janajohnsonartwork.com/blog-2016Apr07--2016-04-07 16.57.18

©JanaRJohnson-janajohnsonartwork.com/blog-2016Apr07--2016-04-07 17.42.58

©JanaRJohnson-janajohnsonartwork.com/blog-2016Apr07--2016-04-07 17.43.25

I wasn’t able to avoid the tree debris that kept dropping from the maple I was sitting underneath — but it wasn’t that intolerable – just mildly annoying when I had to pick it out of my oil paint or off the painting. 

The finished painting can be viewed in my previous post and is available online at my Daily Paintworks gallery.

©JanaRJohnson-janajohnsonartwork.com/blog-2016Apr07--2016-04-07 18.01.08


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