Sometimes I finish a painting, move on to the next, but keep revisiting the previous painting, not quite sure it’s truly finished. Something might not feel quite right about it to me, even though nobody else sees a problem. Sometimes those paintings sell anyway, and I’m fine with that, knowing someone loved it even though I might not have. Occasionally though I have a chance to work again on a piece, and in my eyes, hopefully improve it – do a bit of a redo. That’s what I did with this little 4×4 inch canvas painting of a Magnolia flower.

©Jana R. Johnson 2015Nov10--IMG_2597

Magnolia Blossom
Sealed pastel & watercolor
4×4 inches
$60 + $10 shipping and handling

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This little painting continues over the edges of its 1 1/2 inch sides as you can see below.

©Jana R. Johnson 2015Nov10--IMG_2609

©Jana R. Johnson 2015Nov10--IMG_2610

©Jana R. Johnson 2015Nov10--IMG_2611

©Jana R. Johnson 2015Nov10--IMG_2612

What about you, do you ever go back and work on a piece you thought was finished?



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