Pumpkin Patch

A few weeks ago, our plein air painting group met at Davis Family Farms. Some stayed near the shop to paint while others of us hopped aboard the hay wagon and were hauled out to the pumpkin patch, driven by tractor and one of our plein air members, with assistance from the farm owner.

©JanaRJohnson janajohhsonartwork.com/blog 2015Oct07--IMG_2227

It was a gray day threatening rain, but not enough to stop us from painting. I brought an umbrella just in case, but still had some light rain drops add texture to my painting. Luckily it never rained hard enough that morning to make me dash for cover.

©JanaRJohnson janajohhsonartwork.com/blog2015Oct07--IMG_2232

©JanaRJohnson janajohhsonartwork.com/blog2015Oct07--IMG_2247

Below is the tractor and wagon with several painters working under cover.

©JanaRJohnson janajohhsonartwork.com/blog2015Oct07--IMG_2252

After taking numerous photos for future reference, I found the scene I wanted to paint and went to work.

©JanaRJohnson janajohhsonartwork.com/blog2015Oct07--IMG_2260

I used a 24 x 24 inch canvas I was reclaiming after washing off the previous unsuccessful image. Here’s the drawing over the top of the ghost image.

©JanaRJohnson janajohhsonartwork.com/blog2015Oct07--IMG_2262

I started with a loose painting of watercolors to cover the canvas.

©JanaRJohnson janajohhsonartwork.com/blog2015Oct07--IMG_2264

Then I went to work with soft pastels over the dry watercolor paint.

©JanaRJohnson janajohhsonartwork.com/blog2015Oct07--IMG_2268

I wasn’t able to finish on site, so once back home I went to work in my studio, using the photos I’d taken to refresh my memory.

©JanaRJohnson janajohhsonartwork.com/blog

©JanaRJohnson janajohhsonartwork.com/blog2015Oct13--IMG_2273

©JanaRJohnson janajohhsonartwork.com/blog2015Oct13--IMG_2274

©JanaRJohnson janajohhsonartwork.com/blog2015Oct19--IMG_2361

The finished painting “Pumpkin Patch” and several other paintings of mine will be hanging at Timberhill Athletic club during the month of November.

Hmm…now why am I craving pumpkin bread…?

©JanaRJohnson janajohhsonartwork.com/blog2015Oct19--IMG_2373


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