Revisiting an old friend.

It’s always great to sell artwork to friends or family because you can still retain “visitation rights” of your artwork babies. But more often a painting is purchased and disappears forever. Hopefully you’ve remembered to take photographs of your artwork so you can preserve them for your own records.

Now and then the opportunity arises to visit a piece you thought was gone, never to be seen again. One time on an elegant house tour with a friend I came upon one of my paintings hanging in the kitchen of one of the homes — it was a total surprise to me, and I was so excited to see it looking happy in it’s new space!

Recently a painting that had sold over 20 years ago was offered to me to photograph by the owner, a new friend. I hadn’t taken a very good photograph of this painting and it sold the day it went up in a gallery show, so I never was able to take a better photo — until last week!

© Jana R. Johnson"Gregarious Grapes"

Unfortunately I didn’t take a measurement — it’s quite large, maybe a full sheet of watercolor paper? I was so pleased to see it again – it’s still a favorite of mine, and is titled Gregarious Grapes.

Meanwhile, I’ve just finished my 3rd painting in the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge, and if you’d like, you can visit it in my Daily Paintworks gallery.


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