Window On Art

This year, during April in downtown Corvallis, in the east facing window of Footwisea local shoe store, 15 different artists will set up a studio space for 1-3 days throughout the month. This is the first year an event like this has happened in our town, and it’s all thanks to organizer and fellow artist Jeff Hess. The event is called Window On Art, and I’m very grateful to be one of the artist chosen to participate. Today was my first day working in the window, and I’ll be there again tomorrow from 10:00-5:00 — except when I’m out to lunch – ha.

The piece I’m working on is a 30×30 inch canvas that I prepared ahead of time so it was smooth and ready to go. To start I painted watercolor over the background.

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Apr15--IMG_1041

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Apr15--IMG_1042

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Apr15--IMG_1044

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Apr15--IMG_1045

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Apr15--IMG_1046

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Apr15--IMG_1047

Then it was time to rearrange my space and set up the pastels. I had drawn a rough sketch of a geranium the night before and used it to figure out how to fit the flower onto my square canvas.

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Apr15--IMG_1054

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Apr15--IMG_1055

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Apr15--IMG_1057

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Apr15--IMG_1063

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Apr15--IMG_1072

The pastel was getting rather slippery, so it was time to spray with diluted PVA size to adhere it to the canvas. It’s in its awkward teenage stage at this point… still needing a lot more work! If you’d like to see more photos of some of the other artists participating, please visit the Window On Art Facebook page.

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Apr15--IMG_1073

I’m looking forward to returning tomorrow and working more on this piece, and really hoping the geranium doesn’t dump too many more petals before I’m finished!! Of course it didn’t drop a single one the 2 days it sat on my kitchen table…

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Apr15--IMG_1074




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