Overgrown Shed – Plein Air Mixed media painting

Can an artist succeed painting multiple subjects? I sure hope so, considering how I love to jump around and paint so many different genres. Animals, flowers, people, still life, and today a landscape. In August of 2013 our local plein air group painted at a lovely farm west of Eugene Oregon. After wandering around, absorbing all the beauty, this was what I finally settled down to paint—an overgrown shed. I chose it partly because it was just behind where I’d parked, and I could open the back of my car and work right there, but I was also attracted to the rusty shed roofs.

This first photo shows the watercolor background I started with. I’m painting on a prepared 4×12 inch canvas.

© Jana R. Johnson

© Jana R. Johnson

Below shows where I stopped painting that day.

© Jana R. Johnson

Today, I pulled out this piece and decided it was time to finish it. Being away from the site was helpful. Even though I did have photo references, I could study the painting and decide what it needed, rather than be wrapped up in the scene and feel like I had to be true to what I saw.

Here’s the finished painting:

© Jana R. Johnson

Overgrown Shed
Sealed pastel and watercolor
4×12 gallery wrapped canvas

What do you think?



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