Spring Break – Acrylic painting on paper.

Today I painted a downy woodpecker in acrylic paint on a fun, textured background full of bright, spring colors. Recently, on a rare, late winter, warm sunny day, we were eating lunch in the backyard when we heard the loud knock of a woodpecker. Soon we spotted a downy woodpecker hopping around our old apple tree, digging for food on its mossy branches. I was surprised this little bird made such a loud noise – especially since it was quiet while it nosed around our tree. Maybe the moss was too dense for it to bang against the wood, but I’m sure it was this little fellow that had caught our attention!

When I started this piece, I had an acrylic painted background I’d worked on earlier this week. Monday, I drew a sketch of my model, then today, drew it again onto my background. You can see my progress below.

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Mar22--IMG_9598

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Mar22--IMG_9600

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Mar22--IMG_9601

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Mar22--IMG_9602

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Mar22--IMG_9604

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Mar22--IMG_9611

Spring Break
Acrylic on Paper
10×8 inches
$140 framed + $20 shipping & handling

This painting is about lunchtime visitors and hope for warmer days ahead.

I think it’s my new favorite!!




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