“Vigilant” Acrylic and Watercolor on Canvas

Well, after a week of playing with some loose acrylic paintings on paper, I returned to fish. This one is painted on canvas and has a watercolor background with an acrylic painted clownfish. Earlier this month, I went to a great local pet shop – Animal House – and received permission from the owner to take photos of some of the critters there.

© Jana R. Johnson

acrylic and watercolor on 6×6″ gallery wrapped canvas

Here are some photos of the sides of the canvas, so you can see that the painting extends around the 1 1/2 inch edges.

© Jana R. Johnson

© Jana R. Johnson

Speaking of Animal House, their sign was one of the first my husband designed and painted – almost 30 years ago! I helped out and painted the parrots. I remember we had a blanket in the grassy yard nearby so our baby girl could play while we worked.

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Mar04--IMG_9221

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Mar04--IMG_9222

Come visit again soon, I’m sure there will be more paintings to come from this photo safari! 


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