Poppy Fields 1, 2, and 3

A few months ago, I made several gel plate monotypes, all of which were set aside while I became enamored with other subject matter and mediums. Yesterday I pulled out those monotypes and started playing around and reworking several of the images with more acrylic paint and more printmaking using the gel plate. I’m not sure they can be considered true monotypes since I often print several runs. Is there such a thing as a duotype? Triptype? These pieces are unique with their textural manipulation – I’m just not sure whether they are a monotype or are they acrylic paintings? What do you think? Either way, I enjoyed making them, and hope you like seeing something a bit different from what I usually share. Here’s one of them – my favorite of the three that are now available.

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Mar07--IMG_9404

Poppy Fields 1
acrylic on paper
8×10 inches
$35 + $10 shipping and handling

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