What did Jana paint today?

Another fish, of course! Today, just to be different, I painted them with acrylic paint. The background is watercolor and it’s again on 6×6 inch archival watercolor paper.

© Jana R. Johnson - Pals

6×6 unframed

Acrylics on watercolor
$80 + $5 shipping and handling

Buy with PayPal

I also painted a tulip from a beautiful bouquet I purchased yesterday. They’re a wonderful red. This painting is pastel and watercolor that has been sealed with diluted PVA size. It’s on 4×8 inch paper. Both of these paintings are available at Daily Paintworks.

© Jana R. Johnson - Red Tulip 1

Red Tulip 1
Pastel on watercolor
4×8 inches
$35 + $5 shipping and handling

Buy with PayPal


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