Today’s artistic references


There are many ways artist collect imagery or subjects to paint. Many work from life – whether from a live model, still life, or en plein air  (painting landscapes and other subjects outdoors while on-site). Others will collect reference photos, usually from pictures they’ve taken themselves or photos they’ve obtained permission to use from other photographers. I love working from life, but also know my time is limited, and often need to shoot reference photos of things that might not last until I’m able to find the time to paint them.

Several days ago, I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from one of my daughters, and since today was finally sunny, I thought it’d be a good opportunity to shoot some reference photos  for future floral paintings. I love photography, and work hard to compose my images using light, balance, color and other design concepts to create my photos. Out of the 100 I just shot, here are my three favorites – each straight out of the camera without any editing.



Mmmm, look at that red! Thank you again Eliza, they’re still gorgeous!! xoxo


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