“Kauai Chicken” Contemporary Chicken Watercolor Painting

The third chicken in my animal portrait series is called “Kauai Chicken” because this fella was one of the hundreds of chickens that inhabit the Hawaiian island Kauai. The story is that hurricane Iniki blew apart chicken coops and they escaped from their pens, and now their descendants are found everywhere on Kauai — from the beaches to medians on busy roads. They truly define “free range chickens”. Here are some photos of the painting process of “Kauai Chicken”:


First a pencil drawing, then I used my Koi Sakura watercolor paint set again.



The finished painting is now available online in my Daily Paintworks gallery.


Kauai Chicken
Watercolor on hot press paper
6 x 6 inches unframed
$45  + $5 shipping and handling

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