“Hattie” – Contemporary Watercolor Painting of a Chicken

Last month, our plein air group visited Ankeny Vineyard south of Salem on a beautiful summer day. Instead of putting time into creating a painting of one view or image, I decided to just do some simple sketches and have a play day. After wandering around and exploring the site, I thought it would be fun to do some quick sketches of the chickens there. Since they were in pens, it was easier than chasing free range chickens, but still it was a challenge since of course they are constantly moving! After working a few minutes on some ink gesture drawings I moved to another pen and did some quick pencil sketches intending to paint these in watercolor. I also did a watercolor sketch of a nearby Canna Lily.


Continuing the chicken theme, I recently drew in pencil, then painted “Hattie” in watercolor from one of the many photographs of chickens I’ve taken over the years. She is the first of a new series of animal portraits I have available in my Daily Paintworks gallery. Here are some photos of the painting process of “Hattie” starting with the pencil drawing (and some watercolor, since I just couldn’t wait to get started!)


I used my new set of Sakura Koi watercolors.




Watercolor on hot press paper
6 x 6 inches unframed




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