“Rise And Shine” Contemporary Floral Painting

This week I worked on an oil painting of some purple flowers at the edge of a forest. Starting with a rough sketch using thinned oil paint with odorless mineral spirits, I drew in my images, then started adding color with more thinned oil paint.



Following the “fat over lean” method, I continued painting, adding more oil paint and less mineral spirits, building up thin layers, trying to avoid overly thick paint to keep things moving forward.





©JanaRJohnson-janajohnsonartwork.com/blog-2016Apr27--2016-04-27 14.51.46

©JanaRJohnson-janajohnsonartwork.com/blog-2016Apr27--2016-04-27 14.52.13

Almost finished!

©JanaRJohnson-janajohnsonartwork.com/blog-2016Apr27--2016-04-27 14.58.40


Rise And Shine
oil on board
6.5 x 7 inches



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