Sparkling Waterfall

Tonight, at The LaSells Stewart Center on the Oregon State Campus from 6:00-8:00 pm, the Guistina Gallery will be hosting a reception for the Vistas and Vineyards 26th Anniversary Show. Three of my paintings were chosen for this show — Kings Valley Farmhouse which I wrote about previously, and today’s featured painting, Sparkling Waterfall which I show below. My third painting is titled Peaches, and you can read about it in my next post.

Our plein air group met at a private home in Albany Oregon to paint this particular day. The house sits on the Willamette river surrounded by gorgeous oak trees with a lovely garden and small waterfall.

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Jul15--IMG_1234

I used black sanded paper and soft pastels. Below is my drawing — not quite as detailed as the drawing I did for the Kings Valley Farmhouse is it?

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Jul15--IMG_1253

Here you can see the progress and how much the light had changed since I started.

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Jul15--IMG_1254

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Jul15--IMG_1257

The finished painting Sparkling Waterfall, available at The LaSells Stewart Center from October 1st, until October 30th, 2o15. Hope to see you there tonight!

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Sep08--IMG_1940


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