Off The Wall — “Naptime”

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m trying to finish paintings I’ve had hanging up on my studio wall for a few years. “Naptime” was painted in June of 2006 en plein air at a pony farm south of Philomath Oregon. I was so thrilled when the white pony decided to curl up under the tree in my painting, I of course had to put her in! The photo below shows where I stopped painting that day — except I’ve cut off about 5-6 inches from the bottom. The foreground wasn’t adding anything to the composition, so I eliminated it.

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Jun17--IMG_1069

I then decided, although I had been looking between several bushes and over a gate to this tree, field and horse in the distance, I didn’t need to have those bushes squeezing in the sides of the composition, so they were removed also. I’m happy to share another “off the wall” painting, available now!

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Jun19--IMG_1093

pastel on archival sanded paper
9 3/4 x 12 inches unframed
$225 + $15 shipping and handling

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