This week…

It’s strawberry season in Oregon, and on Tuesday we went out and picked some more berries – our second time this year. We picked 14 1/2 pounds last Friday, then another 17 pounds this week — they’re amazing!!

While we were out there, a very sweet corgi came to visit. This little guy just hung out for a bit, maybe wanting a little relief from the sun, since we started out picking in a shady spot. It was so funny watching him wander off, almost hidden between the rows of strawberries!

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Jun09--IMG_1241

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Jun09--IMG_1244

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Jun09--IMG_1245

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Jun09--IMG_1250

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Jun09--IMG_1254

Almost quitting time!

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Jun09--IMG_1256

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Jun09--IMG_1257

© Jana R. Johnson 2015Jun09--IMG_1259

Shall I paint strawberries or a corgi this week?

Take this as your reminder to go get some fresh Oregon strawberries soon!!


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