Salvia Shadows, Pastel and Watercolor Painting on Canvas

Salvia Shadows was painted en plein air in Albany Oregon at Monteith River Park on a 4×12 inch gallery wrapped canvas. I was sitting in the shade of giant power wires and the concrete structure that holds up these towers. Planted at the base were these sweet salvias, and I liked how their shadows danced across the concrete walls. Below, you can see how the painting continues around the 1 1/2 inch edges of the canvas. I started painting loosely with watercolor, then when I was ready to put in more detail I used my pastels. It’s been sealed with diluted PVA size so it doesn’t need to hide behind glass, and is ready to hang with the wire on the back.

© Jana R. Johnson 2013Aug01--IMG_0967-Edit

Salvia Shadows
Pastel and Watercolor

© Jana R. Johnson 2013Aug01--IMG_0968  © Jana R. Johnson 2013Aug01--IMG_0969

© Jana R. Johnson 2013Aug01--IMG_0979

© Jana R. Johnson 2013Aug01--IMG_0980

© Jana R. Johnson 2013Aug01--IMG_0981

© Jana R. Johnson 2013Aug01--IMG_0982


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