108 days of artwork

I’ve decided to follow along with another artist and participate in her invitation to produce something artistic in the next 108 days. This can be a sketch, finishing an already started painting, photography, or anything I deem creative. Notice I said what “I” think is creative – not anyone else’s idea, but my idea of a daily creative-adventure. Considering it’s the beginning of a busy holiday season, it’s not really when I’d normally choose to start up something like this, but as I said in the comments on her website, now is as good as anytime! Here’s a link to her blog post with her initial invitation: 108 Days. Thank you Marla for this incentive!

Here is what I’ve managed to work on this past week – seeing how we were celebrating Thanksgiving, and hosting the big dinner here, I’ve focused on photography to share for now.

© Jana R. Johnson

This first photograph is of some of the last leaves clinging to our maple in the back yard. I was impatiently waiting to photograph some birds that were flitting about, and the leaves caught my eye.

© Jana R. Johnson

I’m not sure you’d agree this was a creative photograph, but I was taking photos of my boots to upload to ebay to sell. There was a lot of creativity in trying to figure out the best lighting, where to place the camera and tripod, and how to keep from falling off the bench while holding the tethered shutter release (ok, that was probably more acrobatics than creativity…) If you’re interested in the boots, here’s the ebay link — just a couple more days to bid!

© Jana R. Johnson 2014Nov27--IMG_8462

Our Thanksgiving table – I thought it was quite artistically arranged, and loved the lighting in the room at that moment.

© Jana R. Johnson 2014Nov27--IMG_8463

This next photo, below was taken on a walk to the library, using a new little point and shoot camera we’ve recently purchased. I was attracted to the almost setting sunlight on the steeple of the Arts Center. After shooting the first photos Brad pointed out the moon so I had a little fun with placement with subsequent photos.

© Jana R. Johnson 2014Nov29--IMG_0033

© Jana R. Johnson 2014Nov30--IMG_0038

Yesterday, Brad and I visited Big Sky, one of the Salem Carousel horses which has some family history and connections. We were on our way to our friend’s house for another Thanksgiving dinner, but arriving early, decided to stop and say “hi” to Big Sky. Below is a photo of the top part of the carousel. I loved the lines and lights, and colors.

© Jana R. Johnson 2014Nov30--IMG_0052

© Jana R. Johnson 2014Nov30--IMG_0084

This last photograph, above was from a sweet arrangement of items in our friend’s house that I was attracted to.

I’m hoping to do some different creative artwork today and in the weeks ahead, but as an artist, I’m always looking and mentally composing items, noticing how the light illuminates a subject, noticing color relationships, and if I’m lucky to have a camera with me I try to capture some of what I see to maybe use in a future painting or have for reference to turn to for inspiration.

How about it – want to join us on this 108 day journey?


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