This Week in the Studio:

Today, I’ve been continuing to work on this large canvas which I started a couple of weeks ago. It’s quite a challenge – not just because of its size (30 x 40 inches), but because of the subject matter I’ve chosen. Rulers and straight lines are not my friends. We’re barely acquaintances. I chose this scene from one of the photos of our visit to New York City because of the red pillars. I played around with Photoshop to place my photo of a model in a red coat into this city scene. Now I’m becoming very familiar with rulers, and sadly, we’re still not friends… I can’t wait to move on to a new painting that has no need for straight lines and rulers! Meanwhile, here’s a few photos of this particular work-in-progress, taken just a couple of hours ago.




Here I’m spraying my pastel with diluted PVA size and I quickly realized I needed to lay this canvas flat, as the color began to run. Oops!



    1. Different yes as a whole, especially since I’m used to almost finishing a piece in one sitting. I’ve had to learn to be patient and just work bit by bit, not expecting to complete it as fast as I’d like to—and patience is another “friend” I’m not real fond of…!

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